Voi Voi by JOrunn Hodne - Music Video

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 VOi VOI by Jorunn Hodne
This is a tight and energetic power version of the classic Norwegian Grand Prix (Eurovision Song Contest ) winner Voi Voi by Norwegian artist Jorunn Hodne. Is was originally sung by Nora Brockstedt in 1960 in London, United Kingdom. "Voi Voi" (supposed Sami expression meaning "Hey Hey") was the Norwegian debut at the Eurovision Song Contest, and consequently the first occasion on which the Norwegian language was used at the Contest. The title being in Sami was also the first use of the language in the Contest, the next entry being Sámiid Ædnan in 1980. Finished 4th with 11 points. Filmed by Kristian Enoksen.
Jorunn Hodne is a performing singer and songwriter from Stavanger, Norway. She released her first solo album "Trespassing" in 2010 and her second one "Move On" in 2012. With a background in culture and music journalism, as well as performing, Jorunn in now embarking on a new journey in country music. Watching the TV series Nashville, got her hooked on country music and while on a road trip in the USA, Nashville was a natural stop. The result "Breaking Free" and "Lady Luck" was released in March/April 2016.