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Runtime: 84 min | Released: 2011

Audio: Norwegian | subtitles: English


Ida belongs to the coolest gang in school and live to go shopping with her best friend Karoline. She loves her life, until her mother one day is telling her that they're moving. And it's not New York or London, but to an abandoned farm in a tiny little village in northern Norway. Ida hates her parents for forcing her away from her friends, and after one week on the village, things are going from bad to worse. Now she hates not only parents, she hates her life, who is hardly getting better when her mother forces her to meet some of the "natives". A bunch of losers who have never heard of makeup and who spend all their time on horses. For Ida there is now only one thing to do and that is to stick back to town. But a dramatic encounter with the horse Kehilan changes everything.

Genres: Drama

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