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"Siblings are Forever" is a warm and poetic documentary about a brother-and-sister couple, Magnar and Oddny. Both are about 70 years old. They live on the family farm at Kleiva in Naustdal, a few miles from Førde in Sogn & Fjordane county. The siblings run the farm in about the same manner as it was run by several generations before them. They are content, above all else, to continue this tradition for as long as their health permits them to do so.

Changes have been minimal at Kleiva over several generations. A few innovations have been adopted, however. The farm's workhorse was replaced by a tractor during the 1960s. Electricity and a telephone were installed during the 1970s. In the 1980s, they acquired a combination radio-and-cassette player,  a luxury that was highly prized and often used. Unfortunately it broke down a few years ago, and now they are left with a box full of audio cassettes with music they can no longer listen to. 

Magnar wants to buy one as a Christmas present for Oddny. And he has been looking at a mobile telephone.  It might be useful to have one of those when he is in the forest, he thinks. One never knows what might happen to a fellow wandering alone out there. 

This is a brief, seemingly trivial but nonetheless very special story about unique individuals with an exceptional relationship to life and the surrounding landscape.  

Film type: Docmentary

Length: 75 min/45 min

Production year: 2013  

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